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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 7, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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best chance to defeating as a moderate he's more appealing. and kelly wright and jamie colby are standing by in new york with more. we hope you make it a great day and stay tuned for the big day, tuesday on new hampshire. >> ♪ >> well, it's full steam ahead in the granite state and we're days away from the next big tent of the republican primary. i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: i'm jamie dolby, good to have you here and boy, a busy hour inside of america's news headquarters. thank you for joining us. most of the candidates are fanning out across new hampshire and take a look at the clear politics average the mitt romney with his streak, seeing 41% in the state and double the closest rival, ron paul. here is romney, rallying the troops. >> fresh from that landslide
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in iowa. [laughter] >> and maybe, could we double that number? instead of an eight vote margin? 16 i sure hope, i want to win. let me tell you, don't get too confident with the poll numbers, i've watched polls come and go and thanks change quickly, it's fluid and i need to make sure you guys get your friends to go out and vote and you vote as well. >> jamie: none of the candidates taking anything for granted in new sham hire, while romney may be number one in that average that could change with one big debate around the corner. chief political correspondent carl cameron live in amhurst, new hampshire, keeping an eye on polls that suggest it could be a blowout. what do you think, carl? >> polls are polls and there's a cliche in new hampshire, voters don't make up their minds until they meet the candidates a number of times. there's sophistication and their history and familiarity of the process and they get overpolled. polled a ton and i spoke to
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people a few moments ago and they got three different polls called last night and they recognize them from the caller i.d. and they gave their support to three different candidates. so, there you go. i want to show you something over my shoulder here, this is the post card, this is what new hampshire is all about. and that's rick santorum right there. standing on a picnic table, in the woods, on the side of the road in amhurst. he was going to do a meet and greet, a general store was too crowded and 4 or 500 people there. rick santorum doesn't have a big campaign here, but 4 or 500 people in the woods to undertake it. it's an expression of the type of support that he has. the race for first, romney will probably win, but the santorum campaign is really in a battle now for the possibility of coming in second, and eclipsing ron paul and that's really where the race may turn out to be here in new hampshire and romney's win, if he does in fact hold it together, will have to be sustained through tonight's
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debate, tomorrow's debate and the last 36 hour sprint to the tuesday primary. if that's possible, then the question is, ron paul versus rick santorum. santorum's crowds are growing fast and again, this is a primary where independents and undecides can vote and because of that anything can happen and with people who are getting polled are openly telling reporters that they're fibbing to the pollsters, let the voters decide on tuesday. >> jamie: take about perspective. that certainly is. you know, carl, i'm supposed to ask you about newt gingrich and ron paul and ask you about john huntsman put all of his efforts into new hampshire and how are they doing? how do you think that will shake out at this point? >> well, john huntsman campaign is hoping to break 10% to be competitive and a couple of polls in third place this year, or in recent weeks, if he doesn't come in third, which is again, just third. his candidacy is in real trouble. he's spend all of his time in new hampshire and pull all the
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eggs in had basket and he's focusing only on florida, but that's predicated on a win here. huntsman is in trouble. and ron paul has huge support no doubt about it, there's a libertarian streak here in new hampshire and plenty of students like him and he ron with mitt romney as well and newt gingrich is changing his candidacy, where in iowa he was saying positive and talk about running against obama and he could support anybody in the republican nomination against president obama, now, newt gingrich is becoming more aggressive and specifically aimed at mitt romney. unveiled a new web page, not romney. quotes and statements from different republicans beating up the massachusetts ex-governor over the years and he's going to unleash ads in south carolina that will really go aggressively against romney on the issue of abortion. romney was pro choice in 2004 and 5 and turned in 2006 as he he was gearing up to the
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republican presidential campaign of '08. as governor changed his position to pro-life and gingrich will hit him in ads he was taxpayer funding to keep abortion legal and taxpayer funded in massachusetts. that sort of thing is going to go very, very aggressively against romney and could resound against gingrich. he was popular when he insisted he would be positive. he's not going negative, but talking about facts of romney's record, but it's increasingly caustic, and could do damage. >> jamie: the gingrich camp says it's not negative campaigning or negative ads, they're just laying out the facts as politicians will do, thanks so much, carl, good to see you, we'll check back with you, of course, we will have full coverage of the new hampshire preemry. remember, this is a primary unlike the caucuses which were nonbinding in iowa. it starts on january 10th. bret baier and kelly, they will lead our coverage from manchester, kelly.
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>> kelly: president obama making an effort to keep the u.s. jobs at home 6789 the white house proposed boosting the economy by quote, insourcing u.s. jobs. doug has more details. happy saturday to you, make no mistakes that yesterday's jobs number showed unemployment 8.5% is a shot in the arm to the economy, but also to the obama campaign and if that trend continues, the president steals the thunder from his republican rivals and some of their job creation, attacks against his administration. and he made that clear in a campaign like rally appearance yesterday, at the consumer financial protection bureau and listen up to this. >> moving in the right direction, we have made real progress. now is not the time to stop so i would urge congress to make sure they stay on top of their job to make sure that everybody else is able to enjoy hopefully an even more robust recovery in 2012. >> so striking a job creation
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theme because the next couple of weeks, including next wednesday, he's going to be hosting that insourcing american jobs forum that you talked about at the white house. and this gathering will feature american companies relocating jobs back to the united states. include returning a hundred jobs to milwaukee from overseas and lincoln furniture, 130 new jobs to a once vacant plant and galaxy solutions, a company that created the outsource detroit program and dupont, which started up a new 500 million plant last year to reduce anti-ballistic fiber near charleston. and a lot of companies that made decisions to bring jobs back to the u.s. will attend the forum. and giving the campaign a fuel of their own the president proposing an increase pay for federal workers after he froze their pay for two years an and
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critics say it's a blown thrown, and taxpayers funded workers who already enjoy much greater job security and retirement benefits than their counterparts in the private sector, kelly. >> kelly: pretty much it's about the politics, but it will be interesting to see what happens with that insourcing proposal. doug mcelway, thank you. >> jamie: and the president pointing to an unemployment rate 8.5%, it's a three-year low, but what does it mean for the president's reelection bid? a fox news contributor, angela mcglowan and doug schoen. good to see you. >> jamie: angela how real are the numbers, for december, a team not only a lot of add-ones for the employment rosters for holiday shopping and retailer organizations and others.
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do you think it's a trend as opposed to just a monthly number? >> well, you ask how real are the numbers? perception is reality and if this is a trend, where the economy seems like it's sustaining itself and job creation is happening, obama might win for more years, but right now, people are not hopeful and don't think that the economy is getting better or that job creation is getting better. so we'll have to see. if it's a trend or if the numbers truly are real. >> doug, if you're one of the people that got a job in december and you're happy to be a part of that job role and they are the best numbers we've seen in a really long time, you're probably leaning towards the current administration and the fact that they were able to add those jobs, but if you look at the candidates, particularly in new hampshire, mitt romney, newt gingrich saying he created so many jobs and also john huntsman saying his state had good employment numbers, who do you believe? >> well, that's really the question. i think angela's exactly right. people are cautious and skeptical on the one hand, the
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news from yesterday is very good. the consumer confidence is improving and the sense the economy is headed in the wrong direction is also dissipating. but that being said, there's still a lot of concern and a lot of worry and i would just conclude, jamie, the person who was hired in december, wants to know that they're going to actually have a job for the long-term, not just be a victim of seasonal hiring. >> jamie: particularly in november, the president would like them to keep their jobs. >> absolutely. >> jamie: you said you're going to conclude. i'm not letting you go just yet. >> concludes that comment. >> jamie: you'll have one other one for sure. >> please. >> jamie: angela, first, where do the numbers need to be at election time come november 2012? >> they need to be much more 8.5%. and remember, whoever is the republican nominee can run this ad. obama said in 2009 if you pass my stimulus plan, that the unemployment rate would not go over 8%. he also said, as candidate obama, if i can't change the
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economy in four years then you do not need to reelect me. so, jamie, it needs to be much lower than 8.5% and there's eight states that the democrats are actually targeting, and florida is one of them. where the unemployment rate is 10.5%. so, it needs to go lower than that e you know, this may seem like out of the box question, doug, but i'm wondering what the impact could be if one of the candidates, if somebody else decides to be a third party candidate, who does have a better jobs record in their state. whether it's a governor, or someone else that served in congress or just a businessman that really in their field was huge in terms of employing folks? >> i don't see it as out of the box question. i've worked with americans elect to put such a candidate on the ballot. because the american people do want alternatives. the democrats and obama, as angela correctly suggested, have a lot of vulnerability on
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jobs and it would be great if there was a third alternative. i hartley support it and more importantly, the american people want it and think it would be beneficial. >> any names before i ask angela? >> i don't have any names, but let's just suggest any business leader, a howard schultz, a fred smith, from federal express, they would be terrific names to add to the mix, and they have a lot to offer. >> now, jamie, this is a wild card. but john hunts n ma -- huntsman, not saying he would do this. when he was governor and mitt romney was governor, john huntsman did create jobs and a better economy in the state of utah. what if john huntsman does not win new hampshire and becomes a third party candidate. >> jamie: what about it? >> the more the merrier. governor huntsman has spoken truth to power and he's talked about entitlement reform and served in the obama administration and a terrific
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mix of people broadening the choice for the american people. >> jamie: doug, i'm waiting for you to throw your hat in the ring. >> you may have to hold your breath. >> i know you're a democrat and you know what i'm saying, and a little bit you're agreeing with angela here. let's say ron paul decides to, to throw his hat in the third party ring. what's his record on jobs? >> well, ron paul, listen, ob-gyn, i don't know his records on jobs, but if he became a third party candidate he'd have a lot of young support. a lot of college students that really like this guy. >> but he's been in congress, does he have a record on unemployment? >> i don't, jamie, i hate to say that much to ron paul besides his newsletter and some of the whacky ideas he's come out with. >> very interesting. all right. guys, i'm going to leave it there. we will watch what happens in new hampshire and can't wait to talk to you about south carolina, too, thanks so much. >> thanks, jamie. >> doug schoen and angela
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mcglowan. >> kelly: the obama administration to make it easier for some he will legal immigrants to seek legal residency in the united states. familiar will is may wait years to get a visa from their home country before settling down here in america. now, the white house says it will tweak that rule, allowing illegals to stay in the u.s. for much of that process. the change is likely to go into effect later this year. we're getting new reaction from the white house to a new tell-all book, targeting president obama and the first lady, coming out this week. the controversial book depicting tensions between michelle obama and some white house aides. our peter doocy joins us live down in washington. peter, how, how tense were things getting between michelle obama and then chief of staff rahm emanuel? >> kelly, this book indicates that the first lady and rahm emanuel didn't get along at all partly because she was
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skeptical of his selection as chief of staff and partly he didn't trust first ladies dating back to clashes he had with hillary clinton in the '90s and the author also suggests after then press secretary robert gibbs worked very hard to shoot down rumors that the first lady thought living in the white house was hell, the first lady told advisor and friend, valerie jarrett that gibbs didn't handle the matter properly, a point jarrett raised at a staff meeting that caused gibbs to flip out and he says he stopped taking jarrett at all seriously as an advisor to the president, her viewpoint in advising the president is that she has to be up and the rest of the white house has to be down. robert gibbs, kelly, left the white house in early 2011, valerie jarrett is still there. >> kelly: still there. and has the white house reacted to the stories, the story in the book at all? >> yes, and they're trying to make it sound like the author, jody can tore, also a new york times reporter, doesn't know what she's talking about, with the white house spokesman eric
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schultz telling fox, the author last interviewed the obamas in 2009 for a magazine piece and did not interview them for this book. the emotions, thoughts and private moments described in the book though often seemingly ascribed to the president and first lady seem little more than the author's own thoughts. the author did speak with over 30 current or former white house staffers and the rest of the book hits the shelves on tuesday, kelly. >> kelly: peter doocy with that book, tell-all book that a lot of people will no doubt be standing in line to read. thanks, sir. ♪ >> you know we often talk about illegal immigrants in the united states and how those that should be deported aren't. how about someone who is deported that shouldn't have been? it's a little twist on the story. as an american teenager who was mistakenly deported to colombia, she's 15 and from texas. she's now home, reunited with her mom, julie banderas with all the twists and turns, bizarre details in this one. how did it happen?
1:17 pm
>> bizarre is a good word for it. u.s. officials reported the teenagers because she was an illegal immigrants, that's what she told authorities and that's where the international mystery begins. how could the government, responsible for tracking illegals in the country deport someone without verifying if they are illegal or not. and that's what the family wants to know. especially considering, she is a minor. and she is not fluent in spanish and has no ties to colombia. u.s. and colombian officials are pointing fingers over who is responsible. the 15-year-old meanwhile was returned to dallas and reunited with her family last night. >> i feel good today. i really do. i feel good and i hope and pray there's no one else has to go through what i went through. i think the system need to be changed and long with more security and more protection. >> a family attorney says she's happy to be home and added the family would not be
1:18 pm
aurning any further statements other than to say they are ecstatic to have her back in texas and quote, do what we can do to make sure she gets back to a normal life. the saga began when she ran away more than a year ago in 2010 and houston police say the girl was arrested in 2011 from a misdemeanor theft and claimed to be tika renee cortez, a colombian woman born in 1990. a sheriff's office employee recommended an immigration detainer be put on her and immigration judge ultimately ordered her back to colombia. u.s. immigration officials insist they followed procedure and found nothing to indicate she wasn't a colombian woman living illegally in the country, jamie. >> jamie: can't make it up. >> reporter: i know. and she did make it up. it's unbelievable, sure. >> jamie: i hope she got at least grounded. thanks so much. >> reporter: sure. >> kelly: well, history class found in violation of the law. why that could cost one school district millions.
1:19 pm
>> jamie: millions? wow. and serious new concerns about president obama's proposed cuts to our military. why critics are warning that the strategy the president's proposing ignores the most dangerous threat that we're facing. >> kelly: you've got to check this out. new details on a deadly air disaster. what caused this horrific hot air balloon crash that killed 11 people and shook one community to its core. . >> so, it had been released by-- from what i've seen, something happened went up in the air and the whole they think went up in flames and not that long and-- look! the phillips' lady! we have to thank you for the advice on phillips' caplets. magnesium, right? you bet! phillips' caplets use magnesium. works more naturally than smulant laxatives... for gentle relief of occasional constipation. can i get an autograph? [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. ♪
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iment. >> jamie: welcome back everybody, an out of control big rig winding up in a precarious situation in minnesotament take a look. police say the driver veered off the highway, skidding more than 100 yards across a pond and crashed through the thin ice. wow. the semi, sinking up to the windshield the driver hospitalized for only minor injuries. first and game officials are warning folks across the northeast and the midwest that there's uncommonly thin ice and to take every precaution you can before you venture out on to seemingly frozen lakes and ponds. why would you drive that? be careful. >> new fallout from an arizona school district's decision to teach a mexican american studies program. a judge ruling that the program violates the law. as the state school chief ordering the state to go without millions of dollars in funding if the problems are not fixed. and our casey stegall live from tucson, arizona with more details. this could be very troubling for that school district.
1:24 pm
>> yeah, especially when a lot of school districts are struggling financially, kelly, and this class promotes racial resentment, and activism against white people and those are the exact words that an arizona judge used to characterize some of the classes being offered here, to students in tucson, with this ethnic studies program. the idea behind the whole program is to teach chicano history, literacy and awareness, but the department of education says the mexican american program violates the state law because the curriculum, textbook and lesson plan do not have the school board's stamp of approval ap what's more, the investigation revealed erroneous facts were being taught. listen. >> the founders of the mexican american studies class came in, while i was there with the students and portrayed benjamin franklin as a racist, and i thought, whoa, whoa,
1:25 pm
timeout. benjamin franklin was a president of the abolitionist society. and if anything he should be in the civil rights hall of fame. >> now the district's school board must decide how to fix the problems to get the program back in compliance with arizona law and if they don't do something and fast, the state will begin withholding millions of dollars in funding to the entire tucson unified strict. the superintendent telling me, the program is important and he wants to see it stay. >> the concept behind of course of studies is to bring students to a level of unity. what's difficult, what's difficult in this situation is that you have curriculum that's been developed over time, textbooks that are used in the program that are controversial, and if the district is styled in-- failed in one area, it's oversight of that program. >> reporter: many parents, students and even some teachers are steaming mad over this.
1:26 pm
a number of protests have been held in this community and they say there's nothing wrong with the program. a federal lawsuit has now been filed, saying that this state law is unconstitutional, and that it may even violate the first amendment rights of the teachers. kelly? >> well, this is one story that's not going away very easily. we'll continue to follow it, casey, thank you. >> we will. >> jamie: every one of the g.o.p. presidential hopefuls are in the final push today. it's the first in the nation primary, new hampshire and that's just days away. one group of voters may determine the outcome of the critical contest and we're going to tell you who that is and a live report in three minutes. plus, president obama is planning major cuts, just announced to our military. and why the new plan is raising serious concerns upon and among some military analysts, including our next guest, who warns, the strategy is ignoring america's most dangerous threat. i'd race down that hill without a helmet.
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>> well, clearly you know the place to be because you're inside america's election headquarters and we're just days away from the first in the nation's primary that will take place in new hampshire, new reports says that one group will play a critical roll there and that's the independent vote. here is the latest real clear politics average, mitt romney more than 41% with nearly 40% of independents expected to
1:31 pm
vote in this week's primary. we could see some really big changes. steve brown is live in manchester, new hampshire. and good to see you, you've been covering this so well and now the independent voters could make a huge difference in new hampshire and do you expect they'll act differently than the republicans participating? >> research polling suggests that they do act differently and the thing that jumps out at home. with the campaign events that happen in new hampshire and opportunities for people to get in front of the candidates and ask a question that's very important to them. independence voters, a key consistency tuesday night. tend not to do that, they don't go to these events by and large and they tend to be people who research on their own, talk it over with their friends and watch debates and cable news, that sort of thing and do not attend campaign events, jamie. >> we know that democrats cannot participate if they're registered in the primary and focus on republicans and independents, are they interested in different things? what issues are most important
1:32 pm
to each? >> well, if you talk with folks that are independents that are likely to vote in this particular race, then, essentially, you're only going to hear two words come out of their mouths. jobs and the economy. >> interesting. >> all right. steve. thank you very much. kelly. >> kelly: all right. there are serious new concerns over president obama's plans to slash spending. and proposing nearly 500 billion dollars in cuts over the next ten years, now, the army and the marines are expected to take the biggest hits from 100,000 reduced from their forces, losing about 100,000, and the former united states air force assistant vice chief staff, joins us now to weigh in on the issue and general, your perspective in particular is that you have some concerns about these cuts, perhaps, going too deep. why? >> well, first of all, kelly,
1:33 pm
we're sending a signal to our add ver sarryes and we have a lot going on in the middle east and even though we're out of iraq and drawing down afghanistan. iran is a major problem, trying to be a nuclear power, but they're also going to create some problems, i believe, in the lavat. syria, lebanon, israeli area because of the pullout of iraq. so, we're sending a signal that i believe could be perceived and may well be expected to be one of weakness, and so, that's what worries me because right now, iranian ground and air forces can go directly through iraq to reinforce a fight against israel, which could, they may well preempt through the proxies, with lebanon, hezbollah and hamas and sirius, could be very dangerous. you obviously, identify that as being our most serious threat right now. do you think that the defense secretary and the president
1:34 pm
for that matter have been sort sighted in the cuts, to keep more boots or potential boots on the ground with the army and marines? >> i think short-sightedness has been the coming out of eric -- iraq. we no longer have 100 plus thousand in iraq or afghanistan. and we're coming to bring 38-- 30,000 down in afghanistan in september and everything is out of iraq. so, it is reasonable to expect a drawdown, now, whether we go down to 300 from 370, down to 290 or 280, that's what concerns me and it's the signal it sends. and what we do with our other forces, by the way. >> absolutely. what will it do for the morale of those serving in the army and marines, once they actually go through the cuts? >> i think it's going to be very devastating. >> i've been through three and maybe four of them. i'm trying to remember before.
1:35 pm
and they are very devastating. after vietnam, after desert storm and so, these things can be very devastating if they're not done properly. i believe they can be done properly if they're not done too quickly. >> general, what concerns do you have, you being prior air force, you know the thinking, we can conduct air campaigns, and actually keep our enemies at bay. is that sufficient at some point in side, we need the potential of having the army and marine corps going in there with boots on the ground? >> of course. and if we have 480, 490,000 troops you could do that, but it's the signal. and we were successful in kosovo without using boots on the ground and a smaller number-- >> i don't want to interrupt. the administration pointed out that libya was an example of that as well. before i let you go. general, where do you see the remedy?
1:36 pm
what is the remedy in your pb? >> well, what i think, we've got to bring forces down. and i'm very concerned about going to a one major regional contingency because that sends the signal to korea or iran, if we're engaged there, that they could get involved with. so, that worries me a great deal. we should not have canceled the f-22's. we should not have delayed the next generation bomber because these are the forces that will have the major impact in the middle-- in the pacific theater. and so, these are the concerns that i have, kelly, and frankly, we haven't seen the specifics that are going to go on and what forces they're going to bring down. are they going to bring down more air force and navy forces? >> we'll know sometime when the administration is expected to announce the specifics. in the meantime, general tom mcnerney, good to have you. >> thank you, kelly. >> kelly: jamie. >> jamie: nice to see the general today. an investigation is underway after a hot air balloon plummets to the ground and
1:37 pm
killed everyone on board. 30 foot flames leapt from the balloon in new zealand, apparently hit power lines and dropped. all 11 people on board were killed. one of the deadliest air disasters in that country in nearly 50 years. listen to this witness. >> i you is a-- i saw the balloon, it looked as though it was on fire and i got closer to it and something was holding it down and i noticed that the top power line was holding the basket down and the side of the basket was in flames. >> this is a huge nationally significant event. it's a tragedy, as bad as tragedy get and our community. >> jamie: it's unclear what role the pilot played in the crash, but the pilot was reportedly a safety officer for an annual ballooning event in the town where it happened. and in today's beyond a dream.
1:38 pm
we focus on a corporate executive who is making an impact on her community in los angeles and perhaps even the nation. the tolerance in l.a. recently naming fay one of the freedom sisters, recognizing her contribution to the community, civil rights and efforts to help underprivileged youth in society. she's a big city girl with home spun value of god and family. >> and my parents are my heroes, my role models and my dad was a minister. my mother was a homemaker. my father taught us through hard work, anything is possible. >> fay mcclure grew up believing if she worked hard toward her dream, she could accomplish anything. she was the youngest of 13 children growing up in the inner city of los angeles. sometimes were tough, but
1:39 pm
faye's parents made life wonderful. >> even though we were raised with modest, by modest means. we felt very rich, i felt like we were the wealthiest family, because of the abundance of love and confidence, that i think those values are what make me, you know, what i am today. >> what she is today is the vice-president of strategic marketing for farmers insurance, and headquartered in los angeles. and fay, a graduate of pepperdine university started at farmers in 1994. and since then, she is raised the presence of farmers through affiliations with the nba, tt w nba and college and also sports and live the life which featured nfl hall-of-famer, marcus allen and fay's success is not without challenges and single daughters following her lead for being successful. her husband died after a difficult battle with cancer and dealing with the tragic loss was not easy, but her
1:40 pm
burden was made lighter by the love and support that she received from her daughters. >> my husband was unable to walk. and ultimately, couldn't even roll over on his own, in bed without assistance, and my daughters helped me get through that, they were there with me every step of the way. and they stayed the course and they are christian young ladies and they are, again, very respectful and they don't talk back and they were just there for me and i will always be their greatest fans. >> kelly: dealing with personal tragedy didn't stop her from reaching out to others in need. for ten years served as the chairperson as the march of dimes healthy babies, healthy futures initiative, raising more than 3 million dollars for research and increasing awareness in the african-american community which leads the nation in infant mortality and low birth weight babies. >> i present to you, miss fay mcclure.
1:41 pm
[applause] >> for all of her hard work in the community, faye received the thurgood marshal award in recognition of her proven leadership and community development. faye hopes her accomplishments can be used to encourage the youth of america to become great leaders of tomorrow. >> i can tell them what of' told my daughters, which is there's no shortcuts. there are just no shortcuts. you've got to do the right thing, you've got to be true to yourself. you've got to have belief and faith in god. you've got to at all times, understand what are the consequences for your action. decide if you want to be a leader or a follower. >> kelly: fay mcclure making los angeles proud and living her life beyond a dream. >> jamie: setting a great example, thanks, kelly. the economy ringing in the new year with a bang and coming up we'll look at financial trends you can look forward to, yes, look forward to, in 2012. plus, how is this for a hit and run. four burglary suspects trying
1:42 pm
to dodge the police after a wild chase. the dramatic end next. (siren sounding).
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>> a terrible car crash caught on the surveillance camera of a city bus. check this out. . wow. >> oklahoma police chasing four glary suspects when the suspects getaway car t-boned a pickup and slammed into a mini-van before grinding to a halt in front of the bus, they can't believe everyone walked away from this accident. one person taken to the hospital with minor injuries and three teenagers in the car arrested. one got away. >> jamie: and usually never happens, usually can't get away. i love positive territory as much as the next person. the economy is getting off to a pretty good start for the
1:46 pm
year. only a little while. the unemployment rate reaching a new low. and economy adding 200,000 jobs in december. the labor force lost about 170,000 workers over the past tw months, but experts say it's being offset by an increase in population and job growth, can we look forward to more of this. oh, if we had all the answers. and rick desalvo has a lot of them. hey, rich. great to see you. >> great to see you as always. >> it's a good week and i did a little bit of smiling and i think a lot of people did, too, will it continue? >> you're welcome to smile, but i wouldn't put my feet up and light the cigar. >> that's a good one. >> i'll tell you right now, if you look at the markets, it's fine for a while. a lot of emotion in the markets and that's one of the reasons the markets go up and down and i think the next three or six months you'll see them, after that heads up a, reality check coming in. >> jamie: how much will we be impacted going forward.
1:47 pm
we have been for the euro zone and what's going on globally? >> that's the number one issue. right now why people are feeling good right now. europe had a lot of good hand shakes and a lot of good meets and now it's time to actually do something and they have to actually take all of those theories and put them into place and understand something about europe. we're in debt. we're in debt in europe and what you have to do is pay off the debt or then you have to restructure the debt. they don't have the money to pay it off. all they'll have 0 do is restructure it and kick the can down the road and it's a problem for all of us. >> should we be reallocating our retirement money if in fact we're able to put any away, stocks and bonds, bonds and stocks-- >> you want to reallocate from the buy and hold strategy, hold days bought something for $1 and waited end of ten years, sold it for $10. that buy and hold is not going to work in today's market. everything is moving up and down at the same time. and when that happens, it's hard for that kind of strategy
1:48 pm
to work. >> they said the bond market was going to crash though. what happened? >> well, you know, who-- "they" is a tough word. some say people will say it will crash and some say it won't crash. what you find. when people saw the markets, bonds 2.9% at 10-year treasury, people said it has to go up. now it goes down to just under $2. now, people. >> jamie: ouch. >> now people saying at $2 it can't go lower, 2%, nobody knows. >> jamie: housing, is real estate a good investment now? >> no, no it's not. >> jamie: even with low mortgage rates. >> it's a low mortgage rate, but hard to get a mortgage. and even if you can, you're not going to get the size of the mortgage that you want. and i will tell you in time, everything rebounds. and housing will rebound, jamie, just not right now. and housing still has this two and a half million homes of exsession inventory and homes behind it and i'd relax on that. >> jamie: maybe some deals.
1:49 pm
tomorrow in take charge segment which you joined us, thanks so much. we'll talk about the low, low, low mortgage rates. thanks so much, a pleasure to see you. >> my pleasure as always. >> jamie: good to see you. kelly. >> kelly: let's talk about the world's battle go ens-- against cancer. now progress against the deadly disease. new details how we're starting to win the war on cancer. that's next. cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> welcome bark, there's a new report that the death rate among cancer patients is in decline. and here now to discuss a dr. david somati at mount sinai hospital and a fox news
1:53 pm
medical a-teamer. when we look at that, what do we have in terms of bringing down the death rates of cancer, is this great news for us? >> it's great news for the war against cancer and over the last decade we've seen the mortali tity heart disease and difficult heart disease and chf is going down and the rate for cancer was flat and now we're seeing a huge progress and a huge win against the war against this disease. this is great news for us. now, what's interesting about this statistic, one in four american deaths is as a result of cancer. >> kelly: and let's take a look at that. >> if you look at some of the numbers, you can see, for example, between 2004 and 2008 the cancer death rate for men has gone down 1.8 and for women 1.6% and we're making a tremendous progress in this
1:54 pm
field. the statistics, 1.6 million americans are going to be diagnosed with cancer and over 500,000 still die from this. so, we've come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. overall, this is very good news for patients with cancer and also for us, doctors at that deal with these kinds of patients. >> kelly: absolutely. do you think that we attribute that success rate to pre-screenings, actually able to screen for cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer and other forms of cancer that we actually get good screening for? >> it's a really important point you're bringing up because i've always been a big advocate of screening and knowing where you stand with your cancer and i think that knowledge is extremely powerful. >> what the american cancer society is saying, lung cancer, colon cancer, breast and prostate cancers and what's interesting about the four, we've been very strongly advocate in people for screening, to get your colonoscopy to get mammograms,
1:55 pm
to go for your psa testing and despite some of the recent news about u.s. task force that screening may or may not help. more and more people are aware of this and doing it. on the other handsome of the cancer such as pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, esophageal, cancers not making that much progress partly because maybe those cancers are more aggressive and screening for that disease is hearter. >> kelly: all right. what does it say then about the behavior of americans, we changing our behaviors in order to combat cancer and we're getting more knowledgeable? >> well, knowledge is power and we're making some progress with that. so that's a very important point and i know that every doctor is trying to educate. with the advent of the internet, some good information and some misinformation out there. people are reading more. i think our life style issue is a huge problem. no one knows the etiology as a result of the aggressive
1:56 pm
cancers, but we think that obesity, smoking, alcohol and sun exposure are the ones leading to some of the issues that we have, with those aggressive cancers, so, look, if we can help about our nutrition, defeat obesity and diabetes in this country, we're having to really make a tremendous amount of. >> kelly: those are good recommendations, before i let you go, what more can we do in the fight against cancer in order to ensure success. >> we need to make sure to put pressure on our government, our legislators to put in enough funding to research and better imaging and better diagnosis and better screening and the other good news that's coming in from this is across every ethnicity, there's about 1% lower chance of death rate from cancer in this country and that answers a lot of questions where they access to health care may or may not have been there. this is overall great news, but i think we need better imaging and-- >> doctor, thank you so much. >> doctor, back to you bright and early tomorrow morning for sunday house call and that's
1:57 pm
going to do it for us, and i rarely give a shout out. >> kelly: please do. >> jamie: happy birthday to a patriot and great to this network, john rich, happy birthday. >> kelly: happy birthday, buddy. up next the journal editor ral report. >> jamie: bye-bye.
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